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Letters Giving Thanks

  • Thank you for the money you sent us! With six children coming to Israel for the first time, your help was the hand of God, enabling us to make a start here.   RW

  • We are deeply moved by your gift of love toward us! Your support came in a mighty way as we submit our needs before our God, and he answered through your channel, it is completely unexpected proof that He decided to make you a blessing. LS

  • Thank you for the grant that is allowing me to continue my studies this year. It came just in time and I am so very thankful for your hearts to serve in this way and also for your prayers. May the Lord continue to use you mightily in the lives of those who are called to Israel to make a difference in His Mighty Name.  JL

  • I read in Charisma Magazine the ratings of a number of organizations who give help to Israel financially. Yours had the highest rating. I have been looking for the right place to contribute and I believe you are it! LH

  • We are highly appreciative of the labor of love for our Israeli brethren you do. Please know we stand with you and support you wholeheartedly. MW

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