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Helping the Holocaust Survivors in Israel...













We hear about Holocaust survivors more often in Israel than the rest of the world. 

Consider this: 

     * 193,000 survivors of Hitler's death camps live in Israel

     * 50% of those are living way below the poverty level

     * 66% worry daily about having enough food and a roof over their heads, until they die

     * It is said that within 10 years the Holocaust survivors will be gone


The MJIF visits soup kitchens and humanitarian aid warehouses that specifically reach out to the Holocaust Survivors. Many of these facilities have trouble finding adequate workers, as the ever increasing need to support these survivors grows. Most of the work is left to godly individuals who manage these places (many struggling themselves). They are forced to spend so much time soliciting donors to help fill the shelves for next week's meal that it leaves them little time to minister the Word of God to those needing spiritual food.















We will never forget!     

The MJIF met with these precious Holocaust survivors at a soup kitchen and asked why they came to Israel after the Holocaust. One man answered, "The God of Israel." as he pointed towards heaven. 

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