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Check out this review by renowned Christian Magazine, 

Where Does Your Israel Donation Really Goes?


"The Messianic Jewish Israel Fund is a  ministry that supports Jewish believers in Yeshua within the Messianic body in Israel. It functions as a vehicle for Messianic believers in the Diaspora (those living outside Israel) and Christians to join with Jewish believers in Israel to provide the assistance they need. Donations to the fund go toward temporary living expenses for poor families, job training, medical and emergency funding, a women’s shelter, soup kitchen, school supplies, Holocaust survivors, support for struggling congregations, spiritual and financial support for the poor, and so much more.


What makes the MJIF so unique is that nearly all of the funds it raises go directly to believers in Israel,” says Executive Director Dotti Solomon. “Many organizations raise funds that go to the general population, which is also important. However, the believing community in Israel is in great need of support, as it is very difficult for them. The MJIF is there for these brothers and sisters to lend a helping hand. Support has gone to not just one Israeli ministry, individual or congregation, but hundreds over the years. All is done with the accountability of believing leaders in Israel.


The Roswell, Ga.-based MJIF is actually a semi-autonomous subsidiary of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) in Philadelphia, which is accredited by the ECFA. According to 2012 records, this parent organization brought in more than $9 million in revenue, of which 83 percent went to program services, 10 percent for administrative costs and 7 percent for fundraising. Since its inception, the MJIF has seen more than $3 million raised to bless believers in Israel."


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