Jonathan Bernis

“Dotti Solomon, director of the MJIF, has years of experience, great love for Israel and the believers, and operates with high integrity! You can be sure the funds you donate are used wisely and effectively.”
CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries International

Sid Roth

“It is a new day in Israel. The Spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of the Jewish people. The acts of kindness shown by the Messianic Jewish Israel Fund peak curiosity about Yeshua, the One that makes it all possible!”
Television Host, It’s Supernatural

Jonathan Cahn

“One of the most central and critical commands in Scripture is that we bless the nation of Israel. It applies to every believer and comes with the sure promise of God’s blessing. It is this that the MJIF fulfills and enables believers everywhere to fulfill as well.”
Author, The Mystery of the Shemitah and The Harbinger

Joel Chernoff

“I heartily affirm the work of the Messianic Jewish Israel Fund (MJIF). For over two decades, the MJIF has given millions to those hurting in Israel. As a ministry of the MJAA, the MJIF enjoys the important endorsement of the ECFA.”
CEO, The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America

Dr. David Stern

“Dotti, the help you bring from the MJIF has enabled many Messianic Jews to stick it out and ‘make it’ in this difficult Land. I say, ‘Kol hakavod!’ (‘All glory to God!’ and in a dynamically equivalent translation, ‘Great work!’)! Join me in proclaiming ‘All Glory to God!’ Support the MJIF!”
Bible Scholar and Author of Messianic Jewish Menifesto

David Lazarus

“The MJIF has been especially gifted in building warm and friendly relationships with the leaders in the Messianic body throughout Israel. These relationships are based on trust, integrity and the common purpose of bringing Messiah’s love to the poor here in Israel.”
Beit Emmanuel, Jaffa

Eitan Shishkoff

“The Executive Director’s commitment to the Messianic community in Israel is long-standing, genuine and repeatedly demonstrated. She knows us, cares about us and does something about it. The heart of Ruth flows out of God’s heart, through my sister Dotti Solomon. It is a timely effort, as Israel’s Messianic movement is poised to grow dramatically. Possess a ‘Heart of Ruth’ and bless Israel through the MJIF!”
Senior Pastor & Founder, Tents of Mercy